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17 Christmas Things To Do In HOUSTON 2023 – Upcoming Festivals For Grand Celebrations

by Tayebah Malik
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Houston, the fourth-largest city in the United States, doesn’t hold back when it comes to celebrating the holiday season. Locals and tourists alike may celebrate the city’s rich cultural heritage by participating in any number of exciting Houston Christmas events. Houston is home to a wide variety of Christmas activities suitable for people of all ages and interests, from dazzling light displays to traditional winter wonderlands. 

Here, I’ll share with you some of the most delightful Christmas activities in Houston, TX, so that you can celebrate the season with family and friends while capturing precious memories. 

Set up to go downward into a winter wonderland of celebrations and cheer so you can find the beating heart of Texas’ holiday  Christmas spirit!


List Of Christmas Things To Do in Houston

People of all ages and interests can enjoy the holiday spirit in Houston, which is a very busy city. There’s something for everyone, from fun activities for kids to fancy parties for adults, and from heartwarming family trips to romantic getaways for two. Houston takes the holiday season to a whole new level with its long list of upcoming Christmas Eve events and activities. You can come to this city for the bright lights, the amazing shows, or the all-encompassing adventures. Check out this list of the best things to do for Christmas and get ready for a big, memorable party that will warm your heart and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Christmas Spectacular at Champion Forest Baptist Church

First and foremost! experience the grandeur of the Christmas Spectacular at Champion Forest Baptist Church, a mega-church with over 10,000 members. There are miles of LED lights, over 1,000 performers, special effects, a full orchestra, and a choir with more than 300 voices. This event is truly spectacular. With lots of music that gets people in the holiday spirit, the event is a real treat for the senses.


It’s one of the best things to do in December to vibe in the spirit of holy christmas! Imagine Santa Claus flying over a crowd of over 4,500 people in his sleigh while angels soar above. These amazing shows happen from December 8 to 12; from December 8 on Wednesday to December 12 on Sunday, there are seven shows. Please don’t miss this amazing show of Christmas magic!

Magical Lights at Zoo Lights

An annual holiday event at the Houston Zoo, “Zoo Lights” is sure to delight people of all ages. Over 2 million lights turn the zoo into a beautiful winter scene at night. Animated displays bring the magic of the season to life, turning the whole park into a lit-up painting. So must explore this interesting show while looking at the tall lit-up oak trees and shiny paths. Head over to the campfire s’mores spot when you’re ready to get warm. 


It’s the perfect place to enjoy the classic winter treat of roasting marshmallows and making s’mores with friends and family. This event combines holiday spirit with fun activities that the whole family can enjoy, making it a must-see during the Christmas season.

The Ice at Discovery Green

The Ice Rink Events at Discovery Green is the ideal place to enjoy this classic winter activity with family and friends over the Christmas season. Under the glittering Houston skyline, skaters of all ages and abilities can glide gracefully across the ice. The outdoor rink is a beautiful place to spend time with friends and family, whether you’re an experienced skater or just getting started. Skaters may take in the cityscape of one of the best Christmas events Houston while feeling the chill of winter and enjoying the company of their fellow skaters.

Christmas Boat Parade

The stunning Christmas Boat Parade brings Clear Lake to life every year throughout the holiday season. Imagine a procession of boats, all decked out in Christmas gear, making their way along the rivers in a stunning show of light and cheer. This would be a wonderful sight! 

At the annual Christmas Boat Parade, the Gulf Coast comes to life with the spirit of the holiday season each and every year. You’ll get into the holiday spirit whether you watch from land or board one of the decked-out boats because the lights will float across the lake and reflect off the waves any way you choose to experience it.


Candlelight Tours at Sam Houston Park

If you yearn for a touch of nostalgia during the holidays, the Candlelight Tours at Sam Houston Park are your perfect destination. This enchanting event takes you back in time to experience the charm of Christmas in a bygone era. The historic homes nestled in the park are lovingly adorned with timeless holiday decorations, evoking a sense of warmth and tradition. 

As you explore these beautifully decorated houses, you’ll be transported to a world where candles cast a soft, inviting glow and ornaments reflect the elegance of Christmases past. This is an opportunity to embrace history, elegance, and the holiday spirit all in one.

Downtown Tree Lighting

Kick off the holiday season in grand style at the Downtown Tree Lighting Ceremony in Tranquility Park. This official City of Houston event marks the beginning of the festive season as the city’s Christmas tree is illuminated in all its glory. The atmosphere is electric with excitement, and the park comes alive with the glow of holiday lights. 

This is the perfect moment to gather with fellow Houstonians and visitors alike, to celebrate the joy of the season. Enjoy the festive decorations, musical performances, and a sense of unity that makes this event a true highlight of the Christmas season in Houston.

Mistletoe on the Go

For those in search of a little romance during the holiday season, Discovery Green’s “Mistletoe on the Go” in downtown Houston is the best place for you to go. This pop-up art installation is a celebration of love and togetherness. Here, you’ll encounter larger-than-life mistletoe, beautifully adorned and waiting for that perfect moment beneath its branches. As you stroll through this enchanting display, you’ll find couples stealing kisses and creating heartwarming memories. It’s a place where love is in the air, making it an ideal setting for a romantic evening under the stars.


Holiday Market at 19th Street

If you’re on the hunt for unique and thoughtful holiday gifts, the annual Holiday Market on 19th Street in the Heights is the place to be. Many small businesses and independent craftsmen from the area sell their wares at this Christmas market Houston. Discover an abundance of unique gift options, from one-of-a-kind artwork and vintage collectables to handcrafted jewellery and gourmet cuisine. If you take a stroll through this little market, you’re sure to come across some fantastic finds, including some fantastic gifts for your loved ones and some fantastic delights for yourself.

A Christmas Carol at Alley Theatre

Join the timeless holiday tradition of watching the classic tale of Ebenezer Scrooge come to life at the Alley Theatre’s annual production of “A Christmas Carol.” This beloved story, written by Charles Dickens, tells of transformation, redemption, and the true spirit of the season. The Alley Theatre’s production is a theatrical masterpiece that captures the heart of the narrative, complete with stunning performances and impressive set design. It’s a reminder of the power of kindness, compassion, and the joy that can be found in the spirit of giving.

Don’t miss the chance to experience the magic and music of “A Christmas Carol” from November 17 to December 30, 2023, at the Meredith J. Long Theatre Center in Houston. Get ready to be enchanted by this timeless holiday classic.


Lights in the Heights

Houston’s “Lights in the Heights” event in the historic Houston Heights area is one of the cutest holiday things to do in the city. The people who live in this beautiful area go all out to dress their homes with beautiful light shows that make the whole neighbourhood look like a winter wonderland. As you walk through the streets, the warm glow of many sparkling lights, holiday decorations, and a good mood will surround you. The event is put together by the community and captures the spirit of the season. It will make you smile with its nostalgic feel.

The Nutcracker Market

For a shopping experience like no other, the Nutcracker Market is a must-visit during the holiday season. This massive holiday shopping event hosts hundreds of vendors, each offering a unique selection of gifts, home decor, accessories, and gourmet foods. It’s a treasure trove of holiday shopping, providing you with the opportunity to find one-of-a-kind presents for your loved ones. Whether you’re in search of holiday decor, fashion, or culinary delights, the Nutcracker Market has you covered. With its vibrant atmosphere and wide array of choices, it’s a shopping extravaganza that’s bound to get you into the holiday spirit.

Santa’s Wonderland (College Station)

This is Santa’s Wonderland in College Station, Texas. It’s a great place to spend the holidays and brings out the kid in everyone. This beautiful place is a sight to see with more than a million twinkling Christmas Lights Houston. You can enjoy the holiday spirit by riding a nostalgic hayride through the wonderland, and don’t forget to meet Santa Claus, the jolly man himself. This is a great way for families to make memories that will last a lifetime.

A Very Merry Pops (Houston Symphony)

Enjoy the magic of the season with a festive concert by the Houston Symphony at the splendid Jones Hall. “A Very Merry Pops” is a musical celebration that features a dazzling array of holiday classics and carols performed by world-class musicians. This heartwarming performance is sure to put you in the holiday spirit, making it a memorable and melodious way to embrace the season.


Lightscape at the Houston Botanic Garden

The Houston Botanic Garden’s “Lightscape” is a feast for the senses, offering an illuminating journey through lush landscapes. As you follow the enchanting illuminated trail, you’ll be surrounded by a captivating world of lights that dance and play off the garden’s natural beauty. This is an opportunity to revel in the peacefulness of nature while being immersed in the magic of the holidays.

Theatre Under the Stars: Holiday Inn (Hobby Center)

If you’re in the mood for a heartwarming and toe-tapping holiday performance, head to the Hobby Center Theatre Under the Stars to enjoy “Holiday Inn.” This classic musical is a feel-good story filled with timeless songs, romance, and holiday cheer. The talented cast and stunning set design come together to create a dazzling spectacle that’s sure to leave you with a smile and a song in your heart.

Houston Ballet’s “The Nutcracker” (Wortham Theater Center)


Experience the enchantment of the holiday season with the Houston Ballet’s stunning production of “The Nutcracker” at the Wortham Theater Center. This timeless classic is brought to life with grace and grandeur, complete with lavish sets, intricate costumes, and the magical story of Clara and her Nutcracker Prince. It’s a visual and emotional journey that captivates audiences of all ages and is an integral part of Houston’s holiday tradition.

Christmas Village at Bayou Bend (Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens)

Explore the historic Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens, where holiday lights and decorations transform this elegant estate into a Christmas wonderland. The Christmas Village at Bayou Bend is a visual feast, featuring beautifully adorned pathways, gardens, and architecture. Stroll through the enchanting gardens and admire the seasonal displays, each more enchanting than the last. This is an opportunity to experience the splendour of a Houston holiday season in a refined and serene setting.


WrapUp – Christmas Events In Houston 2023

In closing, Houston’s holiday season has an abundant number of outstanding celebrations and events that capture the magic and love of Christmas. There are as many choices as there are events in the city: from beautiful light shows to fun markets, from classic plays to silly parades, and from cultural events to family-friendly fun. Both people who live in Houston and people who are just visiting can get into the holiday mood and make memories with their loved ones. Christmas in Houston holiday season has something for everyone, whether you want to enjoy the charm of historic neighbourhoods, see a big show, explore lit-up gardens, or just take a stroll through a winter wonderland.

Houston’s holiday spirit is a mix of custom, new ideas, and community spirit. This shows how lively the city’s culture is and how excited its people are about living there. You can enjoy the holiday spirit and make memories that will warm your heart for years to come by doing these fun things this Christmas. Now that the Christmas lights are up and the songs are playing, Houston wants everyone to enjoy the magic of Christmas and the holiday season.


What can I do in Houston during Christmas in 2023?

You’ll be spoiled for choice in Houston! From enchanting light displays to thrilling performances and festive markets, the city is bursting with holiday spirit.

Are there any family-friendly Christmas events in Houston?

Absolutely! Houston offers a range of activities for kids and families, including Santa’s Wonderland, Zoo Lights, and Candlelight Tours at Sam Houston Park.

Where can I find romantic experiences in Houston during the holidays?

For a touch of romance, don’t miss “Mistletoe on the Go” at Discovery Green in downtown Houston.

Where’s the best place for holiday shopping in Houston?

Look no further than the Nutcracker Market for a unique and festive shopping experience in Houston.

When and where can I catch a performance of “A Christmas Carol” in Houston?

“A Christmas Carol” will be enchanting audiences at the Alley Theatre from November 17 to December 30, 2023.

What makes “Lights in the Heights” so special in Houston?

“Lights in the Heights” is a heartwarming event in the historic Houston Heights neighbourhood, where residents adorn their homes with dazzling light displays, creating a magical winter wonderland.

How can I enjoy the beauty of the Houston Botanic Garden during the holiday season?

Explore the captivating “Lightscape” at the Houston Botanic Garden, an illuminated journey through lush landscapes.

Why is the Downtown Tree Lighting event in Houston significant?

The Downtown Tree Lighting marks the beginning of the festive season in Houston, and it’s a wonderful time to come together with fellow Houstonians and visitors to celebrate the joy of the season with music, dazzling decorations, and a sense of unity.

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