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Tips And Tricks; Choosing The Best Hotel In Florence, Italy For Your Perfect Stay

by Tayebah Malik
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Welcome to the captivating city of Florence, Italy! With its awe-inspiring architecture, captivating art, and rich cultural heritage, Florence is a dream destination for travelers around the world. As you plan your visit, it’s essential to find the perfect place to stay that complements your experience. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll not only unveil the best luxury hotels in Florence, but we’ll also provide you with insider tips for choosing the ideal accommodation and highlight the top things to see and do in this remarkable city. So, get ready to unlock the secrets of Florence, immerse yourself in its unparalleled beauty, and find the perfect sanctuary to call home during your stay. 

What To See In Florence-Areas And Neighborhoods?

Despite having a very small permanent population, Florence has a wealth of historic and cultural landmarks. Find the nicest communities, from its rural-like outside regions to gentrified hipster hangouts.


Sant’Ambrogio is considered to be one of the few inner Florence areas that have managed to keep its village-like beauty. It is located east of the city’s Duomo. In Piazza Lorenzo Ghiberti, the fresh food market is bustling with activity every day. The market is open every day at 7 am and features colorful, fresh fruits and vegetables arranged on trestle tables outside, as well as a huge selection of meats and cheeses within the wrought-iron market house.


Santo Spirito

The bohemian vibe and artisan studios on Florence’s southern side are well known. The popular Santo Spirito district in the area is built around a beautiful plaza that is surrounded by restaurants ideal for an outside lunch or drink at dusk. Visit the neighborhood’s eponymous church, Basilico di Santo Spirito, whose unassuming exterior is a bit of an optical trick. Its interior features a captivating, elaborate Baroque design. Make careful to look for the “secret” side chamber of the church, where a Michelangelo crucifix is on exhibit.

San Lorenzo

The San Lorenzo neighborhood, located near Florence’s train station, has undergone a significant renovation during the past few years. Many of the neighborhood’s newest hipster hangouts are located on Via de’ Ginori, including the bustling all-day-long café/Homestore/florist La Ménagère. The magnificent place never regret you if you are looking for the best if the Florence things to do.

Le Cure And Campo Di Marte

Le Cure and Campo di Marte, two nearby northern districts, are peaceful residential regions that are outside of Florence’s ancient city walls but worthwhile the walk towards the city center. Visit Le Cure’s antique market on Piazza della Cure every day from 7 am for an excellent, traditional Florentine experience, followed by an indulgent dessert from Gelateria Cavini. The stunning Mud Pottery Club on Via Faentina is a great place for creative types to let their inner Michelangelo go with clay.

Piazza Santo Spirito


You will undoubtedly discover some historical treasures, including Piazza Santo Spirito if you take the time to stroll from Florence’s Duomo across the Arno River to the Oltrarno neighborhood. A smooth sandstone octagonal fountain as well as a statue of Cosimo Ridolfi, the creator of the Accademia dei Georgofili, are situated in the square’s cobbled area. Another Brunelleschi construction, the Basilica di Santo Spirito on the Piazza is regarded by some as his final major work of art.

Borga San Frediano And Via Pisano

Although it might appear to be simply another historic archway spanning a modern road, this structure is actually a piece of Florence’s former city wall. The main entrance to the road to Pisa is known as Porta San Frediano, and it still has the original wooden door and bolts. The name of the gate comes from a neighboring church. Porta all Croce, Porta Romana, and Porta San Miniato, which comprise a portion of the old city wall, are other Florence gates.


What Are Some Top Things To Do In Florence Italy?

Florence truly is a place of lurve, as is commonly believed. Not just because there are a ton of romantic activities you can do with your significant other (or bestie), but also because you’ll undoubtedly fall in love with the magnificent city itself. You’ll need a strategy in place to fit it all in because Florence is among the Italian cities that have it all and is also quite large. The following are some must-do activities in Florence, Italy. 

The Uffizi

The Uffizi will definitely make you adore Renaissance art more than you ever imagined, regardless of whether you are an ardent enthusiast or not. The Birth of Venus and other outstanding works by Botticelli can be found there. For a good view, our advice is to try to arrive as early as you can before the place truly fills up. The building’s architecture, which was created by Italian painter Giorgio Vasari, is quite the journey alone, but there are hours of lovely art to uncover.


Ponte Vecchio

The Ponte Vecchio was constructed as a replacement for an earlier bridge, comparable to London’s Tower Bridge. The original bridge, which used to be controlled by butchers and bakers, was washed away by a flood in the early 14th century. Recent visitors remarked that the sunset is particularly stunning. Pay attention to previous visitors’ recommendations and stay away from the bridge’s shopping areas if you have no desire to spend on souvenirs. In order to experience boating beneath the bridge, you can also reserve a gondola trip on the Arno River, albeit the cost can be exorbitant roughly $71 per person.

Galleria Dell’accademia

Even though the Galleria dell’Accademia contains more historical artwork than most entire cities, David seems to be the main focus of this museum. You’ll want to look at the guy Michelangelo, then 26 years old, sculpted out of a single, abandoned piece of marble over five centuries ago, down to the veins throughout his arm, even if you’re not the most artistic person in the room. Even if you are forced to stand in queues for a while, it’s one of Florence’s definite must-sees since a picture with David is priceless.


Cappelle Medicee

The renowned Florentine family erected chapels that provide what the Duomo’s interior lacks. It’s a damn tragedy that Florence’s second-largest dome is sometimes disregarded because the Duomo receives all the attention. This stunning structure is covered from floor to ceiling in marble and sparkling diamonds straight from the silver screen. If you can tear your eyes away from the stunning frescoes, head to the tiny chapel to see some of Michelangelo’s most exquisite statues. Due to the fact that it is rarely listed among the top, you might even have the place to yourself.

Basilica Di San Lorenzo

Since the Basilica di San Lorenzo is the earliest cathedral in Florence, its exterior architecture is less elaborate and ornamented than those of other cathedrals constructed in Florence in the following centuries. The church is claimed to have been sanctified to the martyr Lorenzo and dedicated when confronted with Saint Ambrose in 393 during the time of construction. Visitors are welcome to tour the church from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday, the last entrance is at 4:30 p.m. Adult admission costs 9 euros, or roughly $10; children under the age of 11 are admitted free of charge.


Mercato Centrale

Avoid the quick food restaurants that are springing up in the town’s center and enter the Mercato Centrale from the eighteenth century. On the ground floor of this location, you may find vendors offering fruit, meat, wine, seafood, cheese, oil, and spices. Both visitors and residents frequent this area. For groups that are unable to reach an understanding of what to eat, the dining court upstairs is ideal. You may anticipate fresh pasta, delicious pizza, truffle bar, and gelato in addition to Florentine beef or vegetarian burgers. Try coming here outside of the typical dining hours if you want to truly enjoy your meal.

Where To Stay In Florence, Italy? Some Best Luxury Hotels

In the Tuscan area of Italy, the lovely city of Florence is a fantastic destination for single, couple, and family vacationers. The picturesque city boasts stunning architecture as well as works of famous artists. Florence’s outstanding Italian cuisine and Tuscan wines will appeal to foodies. There are many alternatives available to travelers when deciding where to stay in Florence. However, the top things to do in Florence Italy may be your top priority. The finest thing you should seek is the list of the best hotels in Florence Italy if this is your first time visiting Florence. Some of your finest possibilities are listed below.

The Social Hub Florence

The reasonably priced Social Hub (previously The Student Hotel), which offers superb amenities, a young ambiance, and a position that is close to the main attractions, is not only for students. The location first appeared on the scene in 2018 in the western part of the city. Locals who don’t want to deal with the issues of parking and traffic in the center of Storico frequent the taverns and eateries. 


Hotel David

The elegant Hotel David, a 19th-century hotel, is only five minutes via bus or 15 minutes on foot from Florence’s historic district. The inviting guest rooms are furnished with a mix of contemporary and antique pieces. The hotel offers a unique happy hour each evening with free drinks and light nibbles in the entrance area or garden. Hotel David is absolutely the best option for visitors looking for a luxurious yet affordable lodging option in Florence.

Ostello Del Bigallo

In the center of Florence’s historic area stands Ostello del Bigallo. Numerous stores, eateries, and sights are all within walking distance of the hotel, which is located just off Via Dei Calzaioli, one of the main shopping streets. A classic Italian meal of meats, cheese, fruits, and pastries is available to visitors each morning. All of the guestrooms have their own personal bathroom and are straightforward yet comfortable. For those looking for a low-cost place to stay in the center of the city, Ostello del Bigallo is ideal.

Hotel Savoy, A Rocco Forte Hotel

A drink on the Hotel Savoy’s patio while taking in the Piazza della Repubblica’s promenading masses and old carousel has long been considered a must-do activity in Florence. And it still is, but in a more modern and enhanced environment. With the renovation, the hotel’s rooms were reduced from 102 to 80; suites also feature improved amenities, excellent views, and a residential-style feel. All rooms also feature interactive TVs, premium bedding, and shelves stocked with books and items found at flea markets.


Four Seasons Firenze

The Four Seasons Firenze is the ideal retreat if you’re searching for the height of luxury while in Florence. Both the renovated 16th-century La Villa monastery and the 15th-century Palazzo della Gherardesca contain the hotel. This hotel features a Michelin-starred restaurant and a spa with two floors. Visitors can unwind by the hotel’s outdoor pool while taking in views of Giardino della Gherardesca’s botanical gardens. The hotel is ideal for people who want a deluxe getaway but also want to be close to the city so they can stroll for just 15 minutes to the Florence Cathedral.


Il Tornabuoni

Il Tornabuoni, which is situated on Florence’s most upscale street, attracts travelers and fashionistas looking for a more sedate address. The property’s basic bones are given fresh life by Milanese interior designer Andrea Auletta without the space feeling generic. For instance, the exquisite frescoes of the magnificent Il Magnifico suite are charming in their quirkiness. With its gilded mirrors and gem-like pinks and teals, the Lucie Gourmet restaurant makes dining feel like dining inside an Art Deco jewelry box, while the Butterfly Terrace offers fantastic views of the city.


Tips For Choosing The Best Places To Stay In Florence

Choosing the ideal accommodation is essential while organizing a vacation to Florence, Italy, in order to have a great experience. The following advice will help you choose the best lodging in Florence from among the many possibilities available:

  • Research The Neighbourhoods: Florence has a number of them, each with a unique personality and allure. To select the neighborhood that meets your preferences, do some research and exploration in places like the ancient city center, the hip Oltrarno, or the more sedate surroundings.
  • Consider Proximity To Attractions: Take into mind the sights and sites you want to visit while choosing a location in Florence. By selecting lodging close to these attractions, you can make the most of your trip by saving time and money on transportation.
  • Assess Transportation: Consider how close the hotel is to key points for public transit, like railway stations or bus stops. This is crucial if you intend to travel outside Florence or take day trips to other cities.
  • View ratings and reviews: To learn more about the level of service provided, the facility’s cleanliness, and general customer happiness, check out reviews and ratings left by past visitors. Different traveling websites offer insightful commentary to assist you in making a decision.
  • Set A Budget: Determine your accommodation budget, taking into account the time of year, the area, and the amenities you’d like to have. From five-star hotels to inexpensive guesthouses and hostels, Florence has accommodations to suit all budgets.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, Florence beckons with its remarkable blend of history, art, and luxury. The best hotels in Florence offer a haven of elegance and comfort, ensuring an unforgettable stay. As you explore this enchanting city, immerse yourself in its diverse neighborhoods, indulge in its renowned attractions, and savor the flavors of Tuscan cuisine. With our tips for choosing the ideal accommodations, you’ll find the perfect sanctuary to complement your Florence experience. Let the timeless beauty of Florence captivate your heart as you create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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