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19 Best Food Trucks In LA: A Taste Of The City

by Tayebah Malik
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It’s a fact that Los Angeles is a centre of entertainment and a vast place for all kinds of cooking arts. That is why visitors from all around the world must go to LA, as its aromatic streets have the taste of rich flavours from every country. This perfectly established place offers many historic streets of Downtown LA, with different food trucks that have become a part of this vast city.

When we talk about food trucks, I’ll tell you that these are the best places to eat in LA. When I go there on vacation, I always get my first meal from one of these food trucks.  Each dish shows how different countries come together, how creative the chefs are, and how business-minded the owners are. Like, You can get everything from tasty tacos, fancy burgers, and Korean BBQ, to veggie treats from LA’s food trucks. But eating at a food truck is a treat for more than just the food. There is also a lively mood, friendly groups, and a unique mix of countries. 

In this post, I’ve put together a list of all the best food trucks that tourists and visitors recommended to check out while walking around the streets of the city. So let’s find all the food truck LA spots!

The Best Food Trucks In LA Of This Year List

Taco Zone Truck

Taco Zone Truck, at 2064 Montana St, is a must-visit for anyone who wants to try real and delicious tacos. As you get closer to the truck, the smell of sizzling meats and newly prepared ingredients will draw you in. Even though they don’t deliver, going to Taco Zone is a delicious treat that is well worth the trip. The tacos they serve are out of this world. They are full of flavours that take your taste buds right to the heart of Mexico. Taco Zone Truck has something for everyone, whether you like traditional carne asada, tasty al pastor, or veggie food. The place isn’t fancy, but it’s cosy, so you can focus on what really matters: the delicious tacos.

El Chato Taco Truck


El Chato Taco Truck, which is at 5300 W Olympic Blvd, is the place to go for late-night Mexican food. When the sun goes down, this plain food truck turns into a beacon of tasty food. Their Mexican food is amazing, and they are known for making meals that not only fill you up but also make you want more. El Chato knows how to make great meats that are soft and perfectly seasoned, as well as salsas that make your mouth water. It’s more than just food; it’s an experience that brings you into the lively nighttime of Los Angeles. El Chato Taco Truck is a must-see spot because of how busy the city is at night and how tasty the food is.

Fast Food on Wheels (aka Food Trucks)

Fast Food on Wheels, also called Food Trucks, is a feast on wheels that is located at 5900 Wilshire Blvd and starts at 11:30 am. This food truck has a varied menu that caters to different tastes, making it a great place to eat in or take out. As you get closer, you’ll be drawn in by the delicious smells and the excitement of having a lot of fast food choices to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for juicy burgers, hearty sandwiches, or other tasty treats, you can find something to satisfy your needs. It’s like having a bunch of your favourite fast-food places on wheels, ready to serve you a quick and filling meal.

Leo’s Tacos Truck (La Brea Ave)

Located at 1515 S La Brea Ave, Leo’s Tacos Truck is a haven for taco enthusiasts. This food truck stands out for its extensive menu, offering a wide range of delectable options that will surely please your taste buds. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for a quick bite during your lunch break or a leisurely evening; Leo’s Tacos provides cosy surroundings for dine-in, and if you’re in a rush, you can always take your favourites to go. Leo’s Tacos serves authentic Mexican cuisine. From the smokey and savoury al pastor to the traditional carne asada, the flavours here are like a symphony of taste. It’s a gastronomic adventure through the heart of Mexican street food, and each visit seems like a party of flavours all its own.

Tacos Tamix Mexican Food Truck

For a genuine taste of Mexican cuisine, head to 3801 S Sepulveda Blvd and discover the world of Tacos Tamix Mexican Food Truck. This food truck offers both dine-in and takeaway options, making it a versatile choice for satisfying your Mexican food cravings. As soon as you step up to the bar, the rich smell of spices and grilling meats will take you back to the streets of Mexico. Every dish here, from traditional tacos to other mouthwatering favourites, is made with a lot of love and authenticity. Tacos Tamix is all about giving you a taste of the soul of Mexican food right in the middle of Los Angeles, whether you want to grab a quick bite or take your time.

Treat Day Truck


Treat Day Truck, located at 2541 S Genesee Ave, may have a late start, opening at 1 pm, but the wait is absolutely worth it. For many, it’s hailed as the finest food truck in all of Los Angeles when it comes to American cuisine. What makes Treat Day stand out is that they are always committed to making delicious, classic American comfort foods. From juicy burgers that almost melt in your mouth to golden, crispy fries with just the right amount of seasoning, everything on their menu is a delicious treat. The fact that it doesn’t open until late adds to the excitement, which makes the food that much better when it comes. So, if you want an all-American lunch or a filling early dinner, you can count on Treat Day Truck to give you a taste of what American food is all about.

Alex’s Food Truck: Cemitas Poblanas

Alex’s Food Truck, which is at 11060 W Pico Blvd and opens at 10 a.m., is the place to go for a real taste of Cemitas Poblanas. You can start your day with a burst of flavour because the restaurant opens early. People can choose to eat there or take their food to go, making it easy for them to enjoy their meal right away or later. The Puebla area of Mexico is known for its Cemitas Poblanas, which are like sandwiches with a twist. They are full of unusual things like avocado, jalapeno sauce, and queso fresco, making them hard to turn down. At Alex’s Food Truck, you can try these delicious dishes and get a taste of Mexican food culture.


At 1324 Wilshire Blvd, LOS BROTHERS FOOD TRUCK is the place to eat late at night because it’s open until 11 p.m. This fast food truck has what you need, whether you want a filling meal after a long day or a late-night snack to stop feeling hungry. LOS BROTHERS has a variety of tasty options for dine-in, takeaway and even delivery, so it’s a great place to fill your cravings in a variety of ways. Their menu is a mix of classic fast food dishes with a twist. This makes sure that every bite is a tasty journey. With the city’s buzz still in the air, LOS BROTHERS FOOD TRUCK offers a taste of Los Angeles’s lively nightlife and a memorable eating experience.

Leo’s Tacos Truck (W Pico Blvd)


This Leo’s Tacos Truck, which can be found at 2400 W Pico Blvd, is yet another location where one may obtain authentic Mexican cuisine. Leo’s Tacos Truck caters to your needs regardless of whether you want to eat in the restaurant or take your food to go. Their menu is a celebration of Mexican flavour, and it features a wide variety of alternatives that can satiate every craving that you might have. Leo’s Tacos Truck captures the spirit of traditional Mexican street food and brings it right to your table, serving up everything from scrumptious beef asada to tantalising al pastor tacos. The restaurant Leo’s offers a gastronomic trip that is illustrative of the dynamic and varied dining culture that Los Angeles is famous for.

Leo’s Tacos Truck (Sunset Blvd)

At 5525 Sunset Blvd., Leo’s Tacos Truck serves traditional Mexican dishes that both locals and tourists love. The best thing to do in LA about this food truck is that you can eat on the go. You can stop by for a quick and tasty Mexican meal as you walk down Sunset Boulevard. Their menu shows how rich and flavorful Mexican food is, with a focus on standard dishes that never go out of style. Leo’s Tacos Truck on Sunset Blvd. is a great place to get a taste of Mexico’s food culture while you’re out visiting the city or just looking for a quick bite.

Sus Arepas (Food Truck)

The Sus Arepas Food Truck, which is parked at 785 Bay St, brings the lively flavours of Colombia to Los Angeles. Even though it doesn’t open until 4:30 pm, the wait is worth it for people who love Colombian food. Sus Arepas gives you a number of choices for how you want to eat, whether you want to eat in, take your meal with you, or have it delivered. Arepas, a popular food from Colombia, are their main draw. These delicious cornmeal patties are filled with a wide variety of flavours that will make your mouth water. From tasty meats to tasty veggie dishes, every bite of Colombian food is a trip through its rich food culture.

Trap Truck LA

At 6423 Hollywood Blvd., Trap Truck LA is not your normal food truck; it’s a snack bar with a twist. Here, the focus is on giving you quick and tasty snacks, and they offer kerbside pickup and “no-contact” delivery for your comfort. Even though there is no place to eat in, their creative approach to food makes for a unique experience. It’s great for people who want a salty or sweet treat on the go. Trap Truck LA is a snack-filled adventure, whether you’re in Hollywood or just want a quick bite.

Mi Teresita Taco Truck


Mi Teresita Taco Truck is located at 1174 North Western Avenue, and it is there that you can sample authentic Mexican cuisine. If you would want to do so, head in that direction. This Mexican food truck provides a comfortable sitting area as well as rapid takeaway options, making it appropriate for a wide variety of dining preferences. Mi Teresita is well-known for the authentic Mexican cuisine it serves, which is always made with care and attention to detail. Every meal is a representation of Mexico’s diverse and abundant meal preparation history, from the traditional taco to the robust burrito. Mi Teresita is a wonderful place to savour a traditional Mexican dinner or grab a bite to eat on the go because of its cosy and welcoming environment. 

Fettes Schwein – Food Truck

Fettes Schwein – Food Truck is at 762 E. Slauson Ave., Spot #167. It opens at 10 a.m., making it a great place to get a filling meal to go. This mobile chef specialises in making meals that are quick and tasty. Their menu shows how much they love making tasty, savoury snacks that are great for people who are always on the go. The food at Fettes Schwein, from hearty burgers to tasty sides, is made to fill you up when you’re hungry for a hearty and tasty meal.

Chiquis Taco Truck

At 1029 Vine St, Chiquis Taco Truck is the place to go if you like tacos and want to eat something delicious. Whether you want to eat your tacos there or take them with you, this taco truck has both choices. Their tacos are a tantalising mix of flavours, and each bite is full of real taste and sincerity. From traditional beef asada to mouthwatering al pastor, Chiquis Taco Truck gives you a taste of Mexico that leaves you wanting more. The cosy feel of this food truck makes it a great place to eat with friends or grab a quick bite on your way to do something else.

Levons Quality Food Truck

Levons Quality Food Truck, which is at 4760 Sunset Blvd, makes gyros that are just too good to pass up. This food truck lets you eat in or take your gyro to go, depending on what you prefer. The stars of the show here are the gyros, with their tasty meat and fresh toppings. Levons Quality Food Truck is very proud to serve these Greek delicacies, and each bite is a delicious trip. It’s a great place for gyro lovers looking for a unique meal because the flavours are real and the quality is high.

Leo’s Tacos Truck (Glendale Blvd)

The Leo’s Tacos Truck which can be found at 415 Glendale Boulevard is just another shining star in the Leo’s family of food trucks. It is unique in that it offers dine-in as well as takeaway alternatives, both of which are extremely convenient. Leo’s Tacos Truck stays true to its roots by continuing to serve exquisite Mexican cuisine that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the culture surrounding street food. Leo’s Tacos Truck on Glendale Blvd assures that every visit is a celebration of flavour, regardless of whether you choose to dine in and savour the lively atmosphere or prefer to eat your favourite Mexican classics on the go. The restaurant is located in the same location.

Breannas Hot Dogs Food Truck


Breannas Hot Dogs Food Truck, which is at 245 Winston St. and opens at 11 a.m., is a great place to go for a quick and filling bite. This Mexican food truck has a lot of tasty choices for lunch or an afternoon snack. Even though you can’t eat there, you can get your food to go and eat it wherever you want. Breannas Hot Dogs Food Truck serves a wide range of food, from traditional hot dogs to dishes with Mexican flavours. It’s a great place to go if you want a simple meal with a lot of flavour.

GKOW Catering Food Truck

GKOW Catering Food Truck is a great place for people who like American food. It’s at 483 E 41st Pl and opens at 11 a.m. This food truck lets you eat there or take your food to go, so it’s a flexible place to eat. GKOW Catering is known for offering classic American dishes that are sure to satisfy. Their menu is a tribute to the American comfort foods that are so popular. You can sit down and enjoy a meal at the GKOW Catering Food Truck, or you can eat fast and flowily on the go.

Why You Should Must Explore LA Food Trucks 

Overall, trying out the food trucks in Los Angeles is a fantastic plan for some obvious reasons. First, you can try foods from all over the world, like Mexican, Korean, and more, without going far. Second, the food from these trucks is usually really good and won’t break your budget. You can eat delicious food without spending too much money. Also, they make creative dishes that you won’t find in regular places. 

Third, they are very convenient. You can find them everywhere in the city, whether you’re shopping, at the beach, or at an event. And they are fast, so you don’t have to wait long for your food. Also, you’re helping local farmers because many food trucks use local products. In the end, it’s a fun way to eat outside in LA’s nice weather. So, why not try a food truck and try new flavours while helping local businesses?

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