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Is Pakistan A Safe Country To Visit?

by Tayebah Malik
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Indeed, Pakistan is always on the top to capture the attraction of the vistas. If I talk about its natural beauty, you have probably seen pictures of spine-tingling mountains, impressive mausoleums, and prestigious shrines. Furthermore, we have also heard fascinating tales of boundless hospitality.

Have you ever thought, is Pakistan a safe country to visit while traveling to Pakistan? Pakistan is a country that is often misunderstood; many people are afraid to visit Pakistan because they think it is not a safe place to be. However, this is not always the case, most of the places in Pakistan are worth visiting and quite safe and hospitable. The people in this region are quite warm and welcoming which makes this country one of the safest country to travel to. If you are thinking about visiting Pakistan, don’t let your fears stop you. Pakistan is a country that is definitely worth exploring. Who knows, you might just fall in love with it.

Is Pakistan Safe-An Overview

Reader, my short yet confident answer to the question is yes! Whether you are a domestic or a foreign traveler, always feel free to travel here because Pakistan is quite a safe country to visit, regardless of religion, caste, and national differences. In the past, there were many factors—for example, violence, terrorism, and security issues—that deteriorated the image of Pakistan in the field of tourism as a whole. In addition to these unpredictable situations, the media also plays a favorable as well as an unfavorable role in the arena of tourism. In becoming the top tourist industry, Pakistan has confronted two major issues regarding this; firstly, it failed to portray a positive image in front of the world, and secondly; in the past, security and safety were not appropriate for foreign visitors. Firstly, we will try to discuss the favorable role of the media in portraying the real and positive image of the tourist industry.

Favorable Role of Media

The role of the mass media is vast and specifically, advancements in social media are a plus point. The democratic approach of social media has had a revolutionary impact on the tourist industry. Social media like Youtube is continuously increasing its impact to build a favorable view of the tourism industry. This democratic approach of social or interactive media gives freedom of speech where everyone has the right to express their own viewpoint and experience regarding a tour to Pakistan. Unlike paid media, YouTubers play a definite role in drawing a positive or actual image of the tourist industry without sponsorship. However, it is accurate to say that social media plays a constructive role in promoting Pakistan as the best place for tourists. 

If we take a second and just think that if it is not a safe country, why does it hold a destination image? Tourist destinations are the sum of their attractions, hospitability, affordable packages, tour activities, and luxurious services. It highlights the impact and affection that people have had as tourists. In this regard, the media also play a vital role in communicating the positive values of the destination to tourists. Interactive media enables visitors and travel agents to communicate with each other as social media has a wide range of platforms including; Blog sharing, recommendation sites, vlogging, etc. related to tourism. This firsthand information guides tourists via entrenched travel videos and online reviews during their Pakistan tour.

Tourists try to express their feelings, interests, and moments and also link them with positive hashtags: #relaxing, #enjoying, #good time, #thebestcountrytovisit, #beautifulpakistan, etc. These types of valuable hashtags are from the accounts of tourists engaged and other people visiting Pakistan as tourists. Hence, it is confirmed from the above context that the media plays a vital role in promoting and attracting vistas. Pakistan is the best of all the world’s tourist destinations. Pakistan is blessed enough with a number of sources to attract tourists, like rivers, plains, cliffs, and beautiful scenery, along with its historical and cultural variety. Currently, these past bad scenarios are vigorously resolved by the powerful medium, i.e., social media, which is loaded with wonderful pictures and interesting tales of the experienced tourists that they have visited in the past. The Pakistani government is also enthusiastic about the betterment of the tourism field. For this purpose, there are governmental organizations that are working on social media platforms to display the tour destinations.

 Security? A Conflicted Concern

Where security and safety are concerned, Pakistan’s image worldwide has deteriorated because the media has focused much on political and societal issues like accidents, violence, street crime, and other tragic events. Instead, the media should focus on other factors that ultimately are for the betterment of the country’s economy and public image as a whole.

 In 2014, Pakistani forces improved the security environment by enforcing high-security infrastructure and resources, which are readily and hurriedly available in case of terrorist operations in the major cities of Pakistan. In particular, KPK and Balochistan have been particularly dangerous for tourists because of the risk of terrorist attacks and kidnappings.

However, in reality, KPK province can attract the attention of vistas as the province is safe and free from terrorism. Let’s crack them out.

The Chitral, the Swat Valley, and the Kalyan Valley are safe places to visit. Although, in recent years, the threat of terrorism has declined, and Pakistan’s security is now solid. These places are entirely safe and sound to visit for visitors. As of 2019, foreigners were able to travel to these beautiful sights. The need of the hour is to showcase the country’s positive image in the international media so that vistas can travel even without an escort. In 2019, a foreign YouTuber explored the northern region of Pakistan and shared a personal review of the trip.

Role Of Government In Boosting The Tourism Industry 

The government of Pakistan is revitalizing the tourism industry by taking multiple initiatives to promote a sense of goodwill and a positive image throughout the world through advanced means of communication. The government-owned organization, PTDC—Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation, whose core function is to promote and improve the tourist industry and create awareness about tours, The PTDC facilitates tourists by developing hotels in northern areas. The digitalization of the tourism industry allows foreign and domestic visitors to gain access to further information with just one click, where you get all the details related to their services, for example, booking procedures, accommodation, transport, participation in events internationally, promotional and developmental campaigns, etc.

Destinations People Can Visit on Their Tour to Pakistan


Lahore - The city of Wonders
Islamabad - The Most Beautiful Capital
Kashmir -The Worth Visting Place
The Torkham Border - A Side Area
Quetta - The Fruits Basket

Below are some places for vistas with 100% assurance of being visited safely. The best yet safest places in Pakistan include Lahore, Islamabad, Hunza, Skardu, and the Northern areas, and these attract the majority of the most safest and attractive places in Pakistan. Reader, once in a while you all must give these places a chance to explore, especially for foreigners.

LahoreThe city of Wonders 

It is the most famous place in Pakistan in terms of its delicious cuisine. To be honest, it is the safest place where terrorist attacks are rare. The Lahoris are renowned for their limitless hospitality and always welcome guests with honor.

Islamabad – The Most Beautiful Capital

Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, is also a safe city, where most of the country’s elite personalities and foreigners live. The government has maintained plenty of checkpoints for strict security.

Gilgit-Baltistan – A Piece of Heaven 

This province comprises many beautiful sites and, luckily, is also the most peaceful and safest place to visit for travelers. Domestic and foreign visitors are stunned by the beauty of this colossal mountain. On the way to the Karakoram highway, where tourists desirously spend most of their time, the charming sites of Gilgit Baltistan that are worth visiting are Hunza and Baghdad. Both are overloaded with beautiful scenery, yet Baghdad is the safest and most peaceful place for foreigners to visit.

Kashmir -The Worth Visting Place

Kashmir is a place that is worth visiting. It is known for its natural beauty, and there are many things to see and do in the region. The people are friendly and welcoming, and you will enjoy your time.

Karachi – The Corporate Capital 

It is also known as the city of light and it is the biggest city in terms of finance and industrial hubs. It is a safe place to visit with a lot of tourist attractive places but Karachi is often in the news of violence and street crimes, especially at night time. 

The Torkham BorderA Side Area 

It is the border that links Pakistan with Afghanistan. Tourists should travel to Afghanistan by air because it is not a casual border like the Wagah border in Punjab. It is a safe place to visit although, the situation on the Afghanistan border is unstable and uncertain due to unreasonable bombings and attacks. 

Quetta – The Fruits Basket 

It attracts attraction of visitors due to winter clothes, shawls, and dry fruits. In Pakistan, tourists are allowed to visit freely. In contrast, foreign visitors need a NOC. Also, if they have a NOC, foreign visitors should not spend their time without an escort. 

Peshawar – The Land of Flowers

 In the decades since, Peshawar has tried hard to rebuild its reputation in spite of all the negatives. The government itself said foreigners were not to visit here while security escorts are also required.

Azad Kashmir LOC – The Heaven on Earth

It is famous for its scenic beauty and it is worth visiting place but it is not recommended to the visitor because the border between Pakistan and India has been disputed for a long. Crossfire is usually common here. Muzaffarabad and Mirpur are located at a distance of 10 km. While entering Kashmir, you will face difficulties.

Final words

The media should show that this may change the perception of the state from false ramifications to goodwill. The media is merely busy showcasing sensationalized stories and has left behind factors that may lead Pakistan to achieve the height of glory. I hope this information and this detailed article assure you of traveling throughout Pakistan. Pakistan is a safe country for both genders. As I mentioned above, since 2014, Pakistan has resolved most of its security concerns. In 2019, the largest newspaper, Dawn, said that Pakistan had increased to 317% in the field of tourism, which is a plus point.

Tips Visitors should know

I hope you know about the important stuff, but here are a few tips that foreigners should follow:

  • Interact with locals so that you have explored much of their culture and history.
  • Keep in touch with the advisory or hosts
  • Go through the detailed travel guide
  • Learning a few Urdu phrases may help you to understand and interact with locals a bit easier
  • Carry your documents along

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