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Best International Honeymoon Tour Packages For Couples From Pakistan 2023 

by Tayebah Malik
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Enjoying your secret affairs with your loved one is an unforgettable activity for any person. If you are up for a honeymoon tour, its time to kick start your life by rejuvenating your courtship with comfort. The best thing is, you can plan multiple surprises for your betterhalf to make this one trip last a life time. 

Though international honeymoon tour comes packed with some concerns, some of the basics are budget and confusions regarding the choice of the destination. For the budget, you can choose budget-friendly destinations like Dubai and Turkey and for other concerns, this blog can help you imagine which countries you can find your type of attractions in. So, put all the concerns aside, hold the hands of your loved one and get ready to indulge in the charm of some of the miraculous places around the globe. 

This blog post is specifically curated for you if you are searching for honeymoon packages from Pakistan 2022 or in coming years. 

Why You Shouldn’t Compromise On A Honeymoon Tour? 

On your honeymoon trip, you can enjoy a candid breakfast to start your mornings for a beautiful day ahead and can end your day on some amazing candlelit dinner that would implicitly pamper your feeling towards each other. This pampering can help you understand each other better and can prove to be the best time to build your relationship. Even if you plan to be out with your compoanion, your on-road experiences can impact your relationship. For example, if you are in an uncomfortable BnB or hotel stay, you can loose all the charm of your privacy. This is why, although honeymoon trip matters, the planning for the tour matters the most. 

You can love to visit international places by attaining cheap honeymoon packages from Pakistan to abroad in 2022. In my opinion, if you want to enjoy your romantic or exotic moments with loved ones, choosing any destination from the list mentioned below can prove to be a fruitful yet economic decision. My personal choices for a honeymoon tour from Pakistan are: 

  • Dubai: The city of Ultra Modern Architecture.
  • Maldives: The Sunnyside of Life.
  • Turkey: East meets West.
  • Thailand: Thrilling Adventures.
  • Australia: Hub of Affluent Places. 
  • Europe: Fusion of ancient history with modernism. 
  • Baku: City of Cutural treasures.
  • South Africa: Breathtaking landscapes and Diversity of Animals.
  • Italy: Ancient art blended Western culture.
  • Toronto: Dynamic Metropolis with Skyscrapers

Dubai – The City Of Ultra Modern Architecture

The beauty of dunes and spectacular buildings cater to tourists world widely. The ultra-modern architecture of a miraculous desert with the composition of night views that could quickly discover by couples. After visiting this city you want to land down again and again. 

Stay at high-standard hotels to discover world-class opportunities. Maybe it is the only dream come true and maybe every couple’s choice of visiting would be fulfilled. The plethora of fun and entertainment activities warmly welcomes couples globally.

When you reach a romantic destination and encounter fun-filled activities, begin from shop favorite things in record-breaking shopping malls, Decking out from the Burj Khalifa, or explore the air-conditioned souk at Madinat Jumeriah. Dune bashing and hot air Ballon activities or cruise dinner experiences would offer fresh impacts on your souls. Do fun with a kid-heart mentality and maybe you never forget your experience of eternal feelings with your spouse. 

Dubai Tour Package

Dubai Tour Deals

  •  Enjoy BBQ on Marina Cruise.
  • IMG world of Adventure Theme park.
  • Touch the sky on the Burj Khalifa.
  • Standard Trio Tour (Jet sky tour of Dubai, Dubai Marina, Atlantis).
  • 6-nights 7-day stay in a 3- 5*star hotel (including Breakfast and Dinner) 

The Maldives – The Sunnyside Of Life

To adore the sunny side of life, come and enjoy Honeymoon Packages International. You can treat yourself to a castaway experience with beautiful Villas, Beaches, Urban style living standards, basking in the sun, and unlimited destinations.  The world’s best island has sustainable facilities that cover Sanctuaries such as Master bedrooms, suites, and living areas with sunken seats. The place of a private lagoon that is surrounded by the most inspiring views, enhances the sense of calmness and beauty.

Maldive Tour Package

Maldive Tourist Attractions 

    • Mirihi Island- Explore Digital Detox.
    • Sun Island -To view sparkling beaches.
    • Tour to Male-To encounters the vibrant city. 
    • Alimatha Island- To dive into the calm waters.
    • Baros Island-Adore to experience sun-kissed beaches. 
    • Whale Submarine Tour– To experience underwater life
    • Banana Reef and Artificial beach -For action Packed watersports.
    • 6-nights7-days stay in a 3- 5* hotel. (Breakfast and Dinner Included)

Turkey – East Meets West

Get lost in old ottoman empires with an ambiance culture that fulfills the elegance and glamour in your honeymoon trip.The land has remarkable attractions that are Procalimed with traditional cuisines and the biggest business opportunity in the Grand Bazar and you will enjoy the natural harbor of the land. To Discover the tradition and cultural fiesta, you can visit various Palaces and castles in Turkey. 

Turkey Tour Package

The Tour Covers

  • Topkapi Tour
  • Princess Island Tour
  • Visit Via Land Theme Park.
  • Pamukkale – The Cotton castle day tour
  • Bosphorus Cruise-  Night tour with loved ones
  • 6 nights 7 days stay at a 3 -5* hotel in Istanbul ( Breakfast and Dinner Included)

Thailand -Thrilling Adventures

Confront the Thrilling adventure while on your honeymoon tour you would enjoy the scenic beaches and fantastic hilly stations. The beautiful attractions cater to tourists to the ancient ruins and appealing valleys. The land of beaches has various honeymoon attractions that help to enjoy personal experiences.

Thailand Tour Package

You Would Experience

  • Discover  Phuket.
  • Bangkok Tour Package
  • Koh Samui Tour Package
  • Sukhothai historical land Tour Package  
  • Stay at a 3 -5* hotel with a 6-night Tour

Australia – Hub Of Affluent Places

The opulent mountains, spectacular beaches, and thriving cities would indulge you in the most fascinating destination in the world. If you are searching for outdoor activities or spent charming nights alongside “The Murray river”.The hub of the multicolored island, Vibrant cities, and red-colored earthed spectacular the visitors.

Australia Tour Package

Australia Tour Covers

  • Basking on the Sydney beaches.
  • Spirit of Melbourne Dinner Cruise.
  • The Coathanger Harbor bridge Tour.
  • Great ocean road trip from Melbourne.
  • Shopping fiesta at Queen victoria building.
  • 6 -nights 7- days Tour in  3-5* hotel. (Breakfast and Dinner Included)

Europe – Fusion Of Ancient History With Modernism

Experience the Panoramic views and striking places with your Better half. Most couples would adore a plethora of attractions that would cover their desirable tour visas. The diverse and multi-culture history has a fusion of multiple states. You would begin your journey from Berlin to Prague. Stifle out the observation deck from the Eiffel tower or dine food experience beside the Colosseum. Or maybe you can discover fine dine-in experiences in France.

Europe Tour Packages

  • Italy Tour Package
  • France Tour Package.
  • Germany Tour Package
  • Eiffel Tower sightseeing views Tour.
  • Prague and Belgium Tour Package.
  • 6-nights 7-days tour in a 3-5* Hotel.

Baku – Capital Of Cultural Treasures

The ample attractions of the capital city offer eye-catching ancient wonders. Natural fire, mud volcanoes, natural gas fires, and many theme-based Parks. You would explore the hidden gems of Europe and Western Asia. Explore the magnificent views and the awe-inspiring Caspian Sea, the iconic sky-touching towers, and the entire city.


Baku Offers Itineraries

  • Half-day Baku Tour
  • Goba Khinalug Tour.
  • Gobala and sahkhai Tour.
  • Yanar dag and Ateshgah Tour
  • Tickle out the fantastic delicacies of Baku
  • 6-nights 7-days in 3-5* hotel (including Breakfast and Dinner) 

South Africa – Breathtaking Landscapes

Start your journey from Franschhoek, cape town to Queenstown, Eastern cape.  Explore appealing sides with English-speaking tourists that assist you to uncover the fantastic destination of South Africa. Additionally, you could visit The Garden Route, Western Cape, and Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape. If you are an animal lover then this is the best place to cater to eye-catching views of the Jungle where various African animals lived and this land is also famous for game viewing opportunities.

South Africa Tour Package

South Africa Experiences

  • A private Game Resorts.
  • Traditional Safari experience. 
  • Sante Wellness retreat Spa experience.
  • A dining experience with packed flavor and Taste.
  • 6-nights 7-day stay at 3-5* hotel (Breakfast and Dinner Included.)

Italy – Ancient Art Blended Western Culture

Begin with Venice and get lost in the bucket list capitals of Rome, Florence, and many other romantic cities of the Land, and you can turn your vehicle to visit and explore Far-flung sights.  Also, don’t forget to watch the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the cultural capital Florence. It is up to you which destination you would love to visit. But the couple who want private and crowd-less places that will gravitate to the Supreme Italian experiences, then visit Osruni or Ravello. Finally, famous for its unique food experiences art, and walking along with Eccentric canals. Just plan your trip!

Italy Tour Package

Italy Hot Itineraries

  • Endure iconic culinary items.
  • Visit Colosseum and other Roman areas.
  • Get inspired by Renaissance culture.
  • Enjoy carnivals, and romantic sights seeing views of Vence
  • 6-nights 7-day stay at 3-5* hotel(Breakfast and Dinner Included).

Toronto – Dynamic Metropolis With Skyscrapers

The Giant city with cobblestone paths has limitless attractive places. Nothing stokes romance rather than beauty and natural sightseeing views. The rooftop destinations are the best to toast your relationships. Experience classy nights at your favorite hotels.

To solitaire romance with the romantically paired person while walking beside Nathan Phillips Square in cozy winter. Get softening effects candlelit at the Jazz Bistro or at O noir. The Canada Opera Company still includes romantic love that remains the best love moments playing on the stage in your mind. Just take a honeymoon visa and encounter lovey-dovey feelings.

Canada Tour Package

Toronto offers

  • Niagara Fall Day Tour
  • Toronto Islands Ferries
  • C F Toronto Eaton Center
  • Royal Alexandra and ED Mirvish Theater Tour

Let’s Plan Your Honeymoon – The Take-Away

A honeymoon is probably one of the lifetime moments and this should be filled with all the magic, exceptions, and surprises. At Litso, we understand how different a honeymoon tour is from a regular family or solo trip and thus we excitingly curate the best honeymoon packages for our couples so they can cherish these moments for a lifetime. Our packages can help you build perfervid feelings with your soulmate and this is all we want. If you are planning for this, you can either take honeymoon tour packages from Lahore, honeymoon tour packages from Karachi, or honeymoon packages from Islamabad. Even if you are in any other city, you can trust LITSO for the best honeymoon packages from Pakistan 2022! 

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