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All You Need To Know About Different Canadian Visas

by Tayebah Malik
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Canada, the maple country, is situated in North America surrounded by oceans that have the longest coastlines. This top tourist destination is the second largest country on the continent. Anybody can trigger it for a traveling or visitor visa as it is an easy procedure to obtain a passport from Canada. Before moving towards Canada, you would hear about friendly behavior that enchants visitors as well as its enduring National parks and majestic lakes that are all true about it, that’s why Canada is considered an international calling.

 When we talk about the entertaining side of Canada then it is enriched with festivals and an extremely eye-catching atmosphere that amuses visitors to come and enjoy. Canada is top on the list which is perfect for the communal culture and speculated adventures. The stunning record-breaking destinations, the opulent snowy mountains, vivid places, and crystal clear lakes have mesmerizing views.

Home of the winter season has bounteous adventures like skiing ice, fishing, and many more. Then it’s time to pack your luggage and head off toward a dreamy land. It is considered the safest country as the Census shows that this miraculous land holds the first position regarding safety and opens its gates for travelers and immigrants. If we are discussing its safety and crime rates, it is considered the most reliable country for international traveling. 

When you want to enter Canada you should have a visa, the official document which fulfills the requirement of tourist policies. Visitors could apply for a visa with an online process that is generally issued for six months or longer in Canada. The two specific rules show accessible policies for entering Canada.

  • Travel to Canada (if you are traveling through an airline that is less than 48 hours)
  • Transiting towards Canada( while your destination has far away  from 48 hours)

Bilateral Treaty Between Canada and Pakistan Is Quite Fruitful


Canada and Pakistan have developed bilateral relationships after the subcontinent partition. A high commissioner office of Canada is in Islamabad. Trade office in Karachi, and a consulate in Lahore. Pakistan presented itself in Canada as a high commission office in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

Canada initiates rules that show strong diplomatic relations between the two countries on Human rights, People and regional security, Trading relations, and many more. Canada and Pakistan are both democratic countries. That is why they believe in integral democracy and develop policies that present the important part of women’s rights, and minorities’ rights in society with the help of mutual respect. 

On the other hand, Pakistan and Canada both are working together on the platform of the United Nations which is helpful for the contribution to the well-being of human beings and peacekeeping work at the national level. The heart of Asia- Istanbul process is related to the security of Afghanistan, and the  Malta process is related to international child abduction.

Canada encourages the promotion of all human rights globally. In general, it improves policies that protect humans such as Canada starting operational flights that help Ukraine, Russia war, help the locals of Ukraine. It condemns terrorism not only happening in Pakistan but all over the world. Canada is widely known as the fifth largest source of permanent residence. You can understand the strong relationship between Canada and Pakistan as there are 215,000  Pakistani living in Canada.

PR Visa (Permanent Visa) For Canada


An official document that is compulsory to enter Canada. When you want to apply for an immigration visa or visitor visa you must follow the instruction to enter Canada. It issues for six months or more. People who apply for visitor visas or pr visas or immigration visas must follow the rules of visa processing. Such as: 

Residents outside of Canada when they apply for a Temporary residency passport should complete certain basic requirements to achieve a visitor visa which are as follows.

  • Valid Traveling documents
  • Proof of financial assets
  • Certificate of good health condition
  • No prior immigration-related or criminal conviction
  • Proof of sufficient funds that shows support of Canadian stay 
  • A cover letter that shows the basic requirements for travel to Canada
  • An invitation letter for traveling to the country from residency in Canada
  • A home that presents a strong connection with your country that ensures you come back to your country
  • Convince the authorities of Canada that you should leave Canada as soon as possible

There must be other rules for traveling alone or with parents, guardians, or spouse. Children below 18 are considered as little for traveling. Here as:

  • Birth certificate
  • A traveling passport must be valid
  • If traveling with one parent or legal guardian 
  • A signed letter of authorization from both parents or guardians, that shows the legal guardian`s address and contact details. The contacting details of Canadian residents who will look after the visitor in Canada.
  • Valid passports National Identity proof with letter of authorization of parents that must have Parents address along with contact number.
  • A letter of authorization in the case of divorced or separated parents is compulsory from the parent that is not traveling with you. The death certificate is required when one has deceased
  • If a minor is traveling with a legal guardian or adoptive parent then adopted documents are required
  • If a minor is traveling with any person then the legal guardian must have written permission from the parents or legal guardian with proof of legal guardian or parents with a National identity card

 Visitor Visa For Canada


If your plan is to reside in Canada for work (permit or any other kind of permit) for application for a temporary resident you’ll need; 

  • A valid Passport
  • A valid employment letter
  • A valid work permit in Canada 
  • Proof of enough funds that support your stay in Canada
  • Your visitor visa is expired and it is valid for only one entry
  • A cover letter that indicates your employer, the job place in the country, and visa expiry date. You want to leave and return to Canada concisely

When your all requirements are fulfilled, the process of obtaining a visa will start. You can submit your visa papers to the visa office or online. Many countries require your biometrics along with your application, in this manner you should visit the nearest Application center. The Of Canada would supervise the submitted application, It is compulsory to attach all necessary documents that help to ensure your easy process visa approval.

Study Visa For Canada

You need the following documents for applying for a study visa to Canada.

  • Valid Passport
  • Proof of payment
  • Academic references
  • Study Permit and visa
  • Proof of financial funds
  • Passport-size photographs
  • English Proficiency(IELTS)
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose)
  • Certificates of extracurricular achievements
  • An acceptance letter from your education institution
  • Attested copies of 10th, 12th, and Degree certificates

*Your university will make you aware of any additional documents.

Steps To Apply For Study Visa In Canada 


  • Research your options for Universities
  • Select university( which is preferable) 
  • Prepare for the Entrance Exam
  • Finance that supports your study
  • Apply for university Confirm admission
  • Get a student Visa

After Graduate

  • Canada appreciates international students and allows them to stay, and gain work experience that would beneficial for Canada’s economic growth and culture 
  • It helps to attain an International student Citizenship Canada(IRCC) program that promotes a post-graduate work permit program and allow work permit for up to three years
  • This also allows Canadian employees to do work in any industry without the requirements of Canada’s job offer

Important Considerations While Applying for Canadian Visas

Although every type of Visa has its own requirements and limitations along with a set of do’s and don’ts, in general, there are a few things to remember regardless of the case. Here are some limitations and other relevant information that can keep you safe from wasting your time, money, and energy. 

Traveling Limitations

  • Fully vaccinated with some exceptions
  • Specific country-related travel tests and quarantine requirements 
  • People who live in the Territory have different rules while traveling
  • Must-have requirements include valid documents and vaccination update

Considering the aftermath f COVID-19, you are either required to come with fully-vaccinated documents or an exemption from vaccination paper in some differential cases. 

If Succeeds

If your documents meet the all requirements, then a visitor visa would be issued by the  Government of Canada.At the time of arrival in Canada. There is an identity check, the medical check that fulfills entry criteria. After that immigrant officer will then stamp your passport or inform the duration of Canada.  

You submitted your visitor visa application and your situation has changed.

 You  would travel for the following purposes:

  • To attend the funeral ceremony
  • To join a crew member of a cruise 
  • To take care of the literally ill person 
  • To be present in the final moment of the life of a loved one
  • To help Ukraine rescued or injured brought in with the help of operational international airline flight PS 752

To reunite with the Canadian citizen as:

  • Spouse
  • Dependent child
  • Guardian or Tutor 
  • Common law partner
  • A parent or step-parent
  • A parent or step-parent or Guardian
  • To Reunite with a foreign national who is in Canada 

 To reunite with a Canadian citizen that is registered under the Indian act as:

  • A sibling
  • Grandparent
  • Half sibling or Step-sibling 
  • A dependent child of a non-dependant child
  • To visit for business

If you apply a new application it confirms up-to-date information and the old application number 

When you submit your new application your previous application would be withdrawn. Unluckily, There is no refund, and may not receive a confirmation message of the old application withdrawn. 

Expected Processing Time

Our processing time is measured by how long it took to process 80% applications in the past. It will start on the day we receive your application via email or by hand. 

Apply  by Email

Your visa process will start when the application reaches our email box.

Apply by Hand or Online

When you submit an application at the office visa processing would start or fill out a form in our portal.

What Is The Best Time To Travel To Canada? 


When to travel? Well, no specification is allowed for the earliest date. When you can travel. If you are traveling before the start of class. Then, there is a specification that you can enter before 4 weeks. When you travel earlier then you should submit an application that ensures your early arrival reasons and supporting documents. The Canadian border services officer has the final decision on whether you cross the border or enter via the airport or not.

There is a restriction on entering Canada to follow the COVID-19 rules and regulations and spend time in quarantine after entering Canada.

  •  Don’t purchase non-refundable flight tickets unless you received study permit approval
  • Rules for undergraduate students: If you are not enrolled in the summer session, then it must ensure arrival only for 4 weeks 
  • Outside Canada rules: Do not enroll because of a gap in studies, and don’t travel towards the destination more than 4 weeks before renewing your studies

Some COVID-19 Rules and Regulations You Need To Know

Check if you qualify for the fully vaccinated traveler 

You should:

  • 2 doses are acceptable when you travel from your emigrant country
  • 1 dose of Janssen Jcovden ,Ad 26.COV2.S (JNJ-7 78436735)vaccine
  • Receive your second dose a maximum of 14 calendar days before you enter Canada

For Example

  • Your second dose was any day like on Thursday, July 1, then July 15 would be the first day of entering. This is restricted to only 2nd dose
  •   COVID-19 symptoms do not appear during the journey

The upgraded rules Of the Canadian Embassy are:

  • International flights that carry passengers from all over the world will arrive at all the airports

People who are exempted from COVID -19 Rules

  • Under 18 years who have mental or physical limitations
  • Need important medical treatments for medical conditions rather than COVID-19
  • Attending the death ceremony or funeral of any family member or close friend



Well, the blog discusses Canada International Travel Information on a broader level. In general, your travel specifications depend on your choice of visa type. Either PR or Study. You may apply for a visit visa as well. The terms and conditions for applying for any type of visa will depend on the Canada International visa policies that subject matter to change.

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